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Why Dive With Us?

We believe in the highest standards in safety and education.

We believe in a slow and leisurely scuba experience. From the novice to the very experienced diver, your trip will be designed for your level of diving and for your experience.

Gear rental is available and automatic setup of scuba gear for you on board the boat is the norm. Hey, you are on vacation! Let us do the work.

We believe in three things that you don’t find together elsewhere: A big boat, a fast boat, and a small group. There are lots of tiny fast boats with small groups. There are big boats with multiple groups. Our Maximus is one of the fastest (or maybe the fastest?) but we only take one group. We give you
three out of three!

Oxygen, VHF Radio, cell phone, First Aid Kit and lifejackets on board the boat.

Every rental BCD includes a computer. Safety is important and we don’t charge extra for a computer.

At Scuba with Alison, we are interested in you and in your Cozumel underwater diving experience. We work hard to make your trip a special one. Many divers start out as customers and are now friends. That’s how we operate. Let’s have some great, safe fun together!

Where we Pick Up

For pick up on the piers at Sunscape Sabor, Secrets Aura, the Allegro, and the Occidental Grand, payment is made on the pier to the security guard, usually about $4 US per person per day.

The hotels that do not charge to use the pier are Hotel Presidente, and Landmark. 

For the pier fee at Iberostar you can ask at the front desk, and they will send you a link to pay the pier fee online.

If you are staying in town, the taxi ride to our Fonatur marina only takes about 10 minutes and costs around $8 USD each way so it is no big deal. Taxis are always waiting at the marina. See our places to stay page. The great thing about staying in town is that you can walk to all the great restaurants in town and taco stands too.


Morning 2 tank dive costs $95 USD.  This trip typically leaves from Fonatur Marina. A 2-tank trip takes 4-5 hours on our fast boat.  This price includes all taxes, your marine park fee , marina fee, fresh fruit and snacks, water and soda, weights, and your excellent dive guide.

If you are diving more than one day, Israel would be happy to take care of your dive equipment for you. Gear service includes rinsing, drying, and returning it with your next tank on the boat the next day you dive.  Personal wetsuits not included in this offer!

Book 5 or more days of morning dives, and each diver, each day is only $85US! (This is for one diver and cannot be split between divers.)  Also, all gear rental is half price.

Afternoon 2 tank dive costs $95 USD. We require 3 divers for the afternoon 2 tank trip.  Get in those 4 tanks a day or dive to meet your schedule.  Trips typically leave around 2 pm depending on when the morning trip gets back.  Remember we aren’t about schedule; we are about getting the most out of your dives!

Night one tank dive costs $65 USD and is available with at least 3 divers.  We usually schedule these dives so that we hit the water at dusk, so it gets dark while you are in the water.  If you have never seen the reef at night, Cozumel is the place to do it!  Once you have seen an octopus’ shimmering colors and flowing like water across the reef, you won’t stop talking about it!  That’s just one of the AMAZING things you didn’t know was there during the day, but you get to see at night!  For safety, on a night dive we all go down together, and we all come up together.  We also ask that you take a daytime dive with us before we take you on a night dive.

Need something special? Private charter? Something else?  Email us and see if we can accommodate you.

We ask for a minimum 20% deposit, per diver per day to secure your reservation. You may pay the remainder on the boat with cash or credit card.  We offer a 10% discount for cash on the base rate of 2 tank dives. Gear rental and the 5 day discounted rate not included! Pesos or dollars!

Rental Gear and add-ons

Dive flashlight
$10 USD
100 CF Al tanks each
$10 USD
Private Charter
$650 USD
Scuba with Alison T-Shirt
$20 USD
Fins, mask and snorkel
BCD and regulator (with included computer)
$20 USD
Wetsuit 3MM shortie or full suit
$8 USD
BCD, regulator, computer, and wetsuit combo
$25 USD
Nitrox per tank 80cf or 100cf
$10 USD
Private Dive guide per trip*
$75 USD

*feel a little rusty? Want some extra attention? A private dive guide is the way to go!

Dive insurance

Go to 

Dive insurance isn’t mandatory, but you really should have it. It cost between $45 USD to $119 USD per year for the various levels of coverage.  While rare, a hyperbaric chamber treatment can cause thousands of dollars. Your medical or trip insurance may not cover it. We think it is well worth the cost to have this coverage.

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