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  • Where do you pick up?
    We can pick up and drop off on the following piers: Hotel Presidente, Costa del Sol, Landmark, Sunscape Sabor, Secrets Aura, Allegro, Occidental Grand, and Iberostar. For pick up on the piers at Sunscape Sabor, Secrets Aura, the Allegro, and the Occidental Grand, divers make the payment on the pier to the security guard. This is not included in our fees. The hotels that do not charge to use the pier are Hotel Presidente, Landmark, and Costa del Sol. For the pier fee at Iberostar you can ask at the front desk, and they will send you a link to pay the pier fee online. If you are staying in town, the taxi ride to our Fonatur marina only takes about 10 minutes and costs around $15 USD each way so it is no big deal. Taxis are always waiting at the marina. See our places to stay page. The great thing about staying in town is that you can walk to all the great restaurants in town and taco stands too.
  • How does "ship time" differ from Cozumel (local) time?
    Our certified morning trips depart at 8:00 am, while our afternoon trip leaves at 1:30 pm or as soon as the morning divers are back and returns after 6:00 pm local (Eastern Standard) time. Sometime we can make a later departure in the morning. Please ask! Please note that our state, Quintana-Roo, is ALWAYS in Eastern Standard Time. Be advised: mobile devices may not change to the correct time. It is your responsibility to confirm local time when you arrive, so you can be sure to arrive on time for your dives. Also, make sure you find out from your ship what your actual departure time is. We ONLY work on local time (Eastern Standard Time) so you are responsible for your ship time or any changes that your ship might make to your schedule. While we have thrown much caution to understanding time... rest assured, we have never had a guest miss their ship. And you won't be the first!
  • We are certified, but we haven't dove in awhile. Would you suggest a refresher course?
    We do not require a refresher course, however, if you are having doubts in your abilities, than you will definitely benefit from a little extra attention. You may want to consider booking a Reactive Scuba refresher with an instructor or reserve a private guide to make sure you are comfortable getting back in the water. You will be with a certified instructor or dive master during all your dives with us and they can offer you hints or advice in order to improve your skills and your comfort. They will also take extra care of you if you need it.
  • I have non-certified people in my party. Are they able to join me on the boat?
    We would be happy to have more from your party join us... as long as the boat is not full that day. There is a fee of $75 for non-divers. This fee includes snorkel gear as well as the other boat amenities. If it turns out that we have 8 divers that day, then we will give precedence to the divers. Thank you for understanding! You also have the option of a private charter!
  • I want to dive a particular reef. Will you take me there? Or how do you decide which reef to dive on any particular day?
    Our reefs are chosen each day based on our guests' preferences and skills as well as weather conditions. If you have a particular reef you'd like to visit, let us know and we will do our best to get you there. The marine park has instituted a rotation to rest some reefs every month. It mostly depends on what our divers want to do and where they may have already been. Weather can also be a factor in deciding but we try to get our divers where they want to go whenever possible.
  • Should I purchase dive insurance?
    Dive insurance isn’t mandatory, but we really do recommend it. The cost varies between $45 to $119 USD per year for the various levels of coverage. While rare, a hyperbaric chamber treatment can cost thousands of dollars and your medical or trip insurance may not cover it. We think it is well worth the cost to have this coverage. Go to to check it out!
  • How much should I tip?
    Gratuities are greatly appreciated. Most guests leave at least $20 per person per day to thank the crew for a great day. It really does make a big difference for them.

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