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Meet The Team

The "Fleet"

The large, fast, comfortable dive boat Maximus

We are very proud of our Maximus and think it’s probably one of the best dive boats in Cozumel.  Generally, you will find two kinds of dive boats in Cozumel. 

Smaller boats, with not much room to move around, require rollback entry. These boats take one small group. They generally have limited shade and protection from the elements. They tend to be faster but can give a rougher ride when seas are up.

Larger boats are more comfortable with room to move around. However, they tend to be slower and most of them take multiple groups. Do you want to go diving with 20 other people? Also, when they break into smaller groups, it means the boat must look after multiple groups in different parts of the reef.

The Maximus is a converted Bertram style fishing boat with big, powerful outboards. With the Maximus we have all three of the best things to have:

  1. First it is large. We have room to move around. We have a cabin and covered area to get out of the weather if needed. We have lots of sun protection. Or you can sun yourself on the surface interval on the bow. We have room to store your dry gear out of the weather and away from wet divers. You can even change clothes in the cabin if you are in a rush for lunch. We believe in being comfortable. We have two spots for a giant stride entry.

  2. Second it is FAST. Did you come on vacation to spend a lot of time riding on the boat? No! We want to get to the dive sites FAST and let you spend your time underwater. The Maximus is sporting new 200HP Yamaha outboards. We pass everyone on the way south to dive; we don’t get passed. However, because we are a large boat, we provide a smoother ride than the small boats. 

  3. We only take one small group. We never have more than 8 divers on the Maximus. You get all of our attention, and our Captain is always right with you. We don’t believe in the big ‘cattle boat’ model where you and your 30 new friends get scattered all over the reef. Does it cost us more to run a big fast boat with a small group? Sure, but we think it’s worth it to give our clients the best experience diving in Cozumel!

The large, fast, comfortable dive boat Maximus
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